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Dawn Stefanowicz - Out From Under
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OUT FROM UNDER: The IMPACT of HOMOSEXUAL PARENTING is a compelling, fast-paced, and no-holds-barred narrative of one child’s journey from birth to the end of innocence—and beyond—as the daughter of a homosexual father.
Salir Del Hoyo
SALIR DEL HOYO: El IMPACTO de la CRIANZA HOMOSEXUAL es una narración convincente, de ritmo rápido y sin restricciones del viaje de un niño desde el nacimiento hasta el final de la inocencia, y más allá, como hija de un padre homosexual.
Fuori Dal Buio
FUORI DAL BUIO: L'IMPATTO di GENITORI OMOSESSUALI è una narrativa avvincente, frenetica e senza esclusione di colpi del viaggio di un bambino dalla nascita alla fine dell'innocenza - e oltre - come figlia di un padre omosessuale.
Ieşirea din beznă
La Editura „Sapientia” a apărut recent cartea: Ieşirea din beznă. Impactul homosexualităţii asupra creşterii copiilor, scrisă de Dawn Stefanowicz și tradusă în limba română de Monica Stinghe. Cartea apare în colecția „Creștinism în contemporaneitate”, în formatul 14×20, are 254 pagini şi poate fi procurată de la Librăria Sapientia (www.librariasapientia.ro), precum şi de la celelalte librării catolice din țară la prețul de 25 lei.

“Out From Under should be read by every legislator, lawyer, physician and mental health professional in a position to lobby for the best interests of children. May society heed Dawn’s courageous testimony and spare other innocents the suffering she and her siblings sustained.”
––Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., Board of Directors, American College of Pediatricians, and Chair, Committee on Sexuality, ACP, United States

“Out From Under is a personal account told in an emotional narrative. Stefanowicz tells of the enormous burden that was thrust upon her as a young person, a burden that is too great for any child. This story compels one to ponder the vulnerability of children, human suffering, and the meaning of life itself.”
––Senator Anne Cools, Ottawa, Canada

“Dawn Stefanowicz has the courage to write a politically incorrect book. She has the right because she was raised in a ***** environment and suffered because of it . . . there are few books like this one, which argues that such environments are disturbing to children.”
––Professor John Patrick, M.D., Augustine College, Ottawa, Canada

“Dawn Stefanowicz writes . . . her personal experience, illustrating...her parenting situation, the hypocrisy of those in her environment ...and the loneliness of a child who is imprisoned in that situation . . . ”
––Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D., psychologist specializing in the treatment of unwanted orientation, and author of many articles and several books, the Netherlands.

The 2009 Woman of Faith Award:
Dawn Stefanowicz - Founder, The Ministry of Dawn Stefanowicz
London, Ontario Canada
Internationally recognized speaker and author Dawn Stefanowicz was at the forefront of educating thousands of Christians in North America in 2008 about the consequences for children who have been exposed to the negative influences of homosexual parents. Dawn grew up in a homosexual household during the 1960s and 1970s in Toronto, Canada, thus exposing her to many different people in homosexual, lesbian and transsexual subcultures, as well as the explicit sexual practices of these groups. Sadly, she lost her father to AIDS in 1991. Despite having faced so much adversity as a child, Dawn Stefanowicz has overcome the effects of being raised under a homosexual parent and is now prospering in a ministry that seeks to help parents protect their kids from the destructiveness of the homosexual lifestyle. Her new testimonial book, Out From Under, is a must read. We are proud to present Dawn Stefanowicz with our 2009 Woman of Faith Award for the outstanding work that she did to positively impact the American culture in the previous twelve months.

New York, USA


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